Deer Hunting has been our number one passion and something we look forward to every year. Our passion is bowhunting but love breaking the rifles out too. We have had tremendous success over the years and are continuing to kill bigger and bigger mature deer every year. We pride ourselves in the work we do in the summer and owe that to success we have in the fall. In the summer we start by heading down south to our farm in Southern Missouri and begin planting food plots. We have seen an increase in the health of our deer herd as well as seeing the genetics of our bucks improve tremendously. In our first year on our farm we saw one deer in the late season and no bucks on camera. Now seven years later we are consistently seeing numerous deer and have over 5 mature bucks every year using our farm. We rely heavily on using trail cameras to check inventory and gather information about deer patterns. It is a great tool to scout locations without being in the area blowing deer out. During the season we start patterning target bucks and wait for the right conditions. We believe heavily in weather patterns and only hunting locations when the wind is your favor. You can beat a deers hearing and sight but you will never beat a deers nose, so use the wind to your advantage. We love talking hunting so feel free to contact us about any questions you might have or strategies that you use to have success.